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Our services are developed to help our clients increase their net farm income by aligning production, prices and expenses by comparing anonymised data from similar producers in the same region.

Key Data Points during our surveys and analysis:

Production per hectare: per variety of your unit against the group, based on uniform production standards.

Comparison of the payout: the average per variety per week, count, market, size, etc. of the group versus your own.

Comparison of production cost: information of your unit versus that of the group.

Net income: comparison of your unit versus the net income of the group.

Our current producers' surveys extend to the following fruit types:

The surveys we maintain in the areas and times below :

SurveyYear StartedTake Place During
Citrus Western Cape2001November to May
Citrus Eastern Cape2011November to May
Citrus Limpopo2017November to May
Pome Fruit2005March to August
Stone Fruit2002June to November
Table grapes Orange River & Namibia1998April to August
Table grapes Berg River1999July to November
Table grapes Limpopo2015April to August
Table grapes Hex Valley1998July to November
Raisins2018July to November
Blueberries2018March to August
Exporters Apple: All cultivars2017 (started with Goldens and later extended to all apples)January to July
Exporters Pear: All cultivars2006 (started with Forelle and later extended to all pears)January to July
Exporters Stone fruit: Plums, Nectarine, Peaches, apricots2005July to October
Exporters Pink Lady and related cultivars2004January to April

Exporter Surveys

We also conduct exporters surveys. We focus on the following fruit and are continually expanding our portfolio.

* Apple: All cultivars
* Pear: All cultivars
* Stone fruit: Plums, Nectarines, Peaches, Apricots
* Pink Lady and related cultivars

Benefits of an economical servey include:

Benefits of the analysis