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Application Form

To help our clients increase their net farm income by aligning production, prices and expenses by comparing anonymised data from similar producers in the same region.
Complete the application form below and apply to be part of the next survey.

Information Required

The following data is required from the participating farm/unit:

  • List of participating farms/units
  • Each participating farm/unit’s own PUC number(s)
  • A list of all the packhouses (if applicable) and exporters used during the specific season.
  • Detail regarding each participating farm/unit’s hectares (tree census) e.g. block name, cultivar name, year planted, etc.
  • Data on local sales, juice sales,  culls e.g. cultivar, units, kg/unit; also income received for that, if any e.g. R/unit.
  • Harvest summary / picking figures e.g. number of crates /boxes/bins harvested per cultivar.
  • Summary of fruit sent from packhouses to each exporter.
  • Packing material costs
  • Transport tariffs from farm to harbour
  • Cooling tariffs if applicable

The following data will be requested from the exporter directly (with authorization from the participating farm/unit):

  • Detail regarding all fruit exported e.g. cultivar, market, week, etc.
  • Payments made to farm per cultivar, market, week, etc.